Vaginal balls

Vaginal balls

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Vaginal balls are commonly referred to as elemental pelvic floor muscle trainers. Originating in Japan around the 500th year of our era, these balls have long been considered a special secret of geishas: it is said that by regularly carrying these balls in the vagina, geishas gained exceptional vaginal muscle strength, allowing them to give the most pleasure to any man. It is no secret that the strong muscles of the bottom of the pelvis allowed them to feel a more intense orgasm.

The vaginal balls are then made of bone, wood or metal, with mercury inside. When these balls were placed in the vagina, they emitted pleasant vibrations as they moved, making them sometimes referred to as the very first vibrator in human history.

Centuries passed, balls came from the geishas in the Far East to Europe. And here, first of all, their therapeutic benefits are not evaluated, but erotic. A prominent American gynecologist, Dr. Arnold Kegel, recommended uncomplicated exercises with vaginal balls to his patients who could not contract their muscles strongly enough. These exercises have been especially helpful for women with bladder and uterine problems, as well as for women preparing to become pregnant: stronger muscles make it easier to give birth and regain elasticity after pregnancy.

Today's balls stand out for their variety: you can choose from a variety of sizes, colors, and weights made from a wide variety of materials. Of course, you won’t find mercury inside them. But that doesn’t mean such daily exercise won’t bring pleasure!

Ball type

There are three main types of vaginal balls: solid, hollow with another ball inside, and vibrating. Solid balls are designed for women who love simplicity and are able to get excited quickly. If you want to perform Bowling exercises calmly and not experience an unexpected orgasm, then this choice is best for you.

Hollow balls with a smaller ball inside - a classic. It is a kind of equivalent of the first, geisha balls of that time. As you move, the little ball inside will also move and emit pleasant vibrations, so you will soon experience arousal, orgasm, or at least enjoy sports.

Vibrating balls are a real source of pleasure. These balls were created to allow women to intimately explore themselves and discover what they like best. Some of them are controlled by a remote control, while others, also called smart ones, will respond to the strength of your vaginal contraction and, depending on it, change the vibrations they emit.

Ball systems

When searching for the most suitable balls, you will find that they are usually sold more than one by one. Pack sizes of two, three or more. In fact, it’s a great solution from manufacturers that makes it easier to choose what works best for you. The balls in the package are of different weights, their different configurations are possible. You can carry only the lightest or only the heaviest ball, you can enter several balls of different weights at once. Therefore, by purchasing a ball system consisting of three (very rarely four) balls, you will be able to gradually increase the load or wear a ball of the weight with which you will feel most comfortable today.

Magnetic balls

A whole new type of vaginal ball has recently hit the market. This system consists of four balls, two larger, with a metal filler, and two smaller, with a magnet inside. This system of magnetic vaginal balls allows you to choose the most suitable combination. The challenge for the strongest and most enduring ball enthusiasts is to line up all four balls in a vertical line in their vagina. Why not give it a try ?!

Connections and cords: not necessary, but convenient

Some balls, as you will notice, have strings attached to their base, others do not. The cords are designed to make it easier to remove the ball or the chain connecting several balls. These cords are made of a nice, soft material, usually silk. If the ball is coated with silicone, the cord will also be silicone.

Strings without strings are definitely not different in quality from those with strings. They are more comfortable to wear in public and are for those who like complete comfort in their underwear. No matter which option you choose, you will definitely not go wrong, because the most important thing is how you feel!

By the way, the fear that a ball without a string will somehow disappear into the depths of your body is definitely not worth it - it is anatomically impossible. The balls without the cord are easily pushed out by the vaginal muscles or after a few slight tightening movements. Remember - carrying these balls is the hardest part of the task, which is to keep them from falling out, so there will be no problems with removal.

Size and weight

The size and weight of your ball will depend on your expectations and goals. If you want a more pleasant sensation, but choose a non-vibrating ball, you can choose a smaller one, as it will be easier to move in your vagina and thus give more pleasure. If you choose balls for bowling exercises, it is advisable to start with bigger but lighter ones - it will be much easier to hug and keep them.

The smaller and heavier the ball, the stronger the muscle needed to keep it inside. Size and weight are very important, so be careful when choosing and be sure to pay attention to the data provided by the manufacturer.


Vaginal balls are recommended by gynecologists, they are made of quality materials that do not cause the slightest discomfort when in contact with the vaginal mucosa. The most durable and hygienic materials from which the balls are made are glass and metal. It is not for nothing that most medical instruments and devices are made from these materials. Balls made of glass or metal are easiest to care for: just wash them clean with soap and water.

Silicone balls are extremely soft, pleasant to the touch. Silicone also adapts very well to room temperature, is durable, but the care of these balls should be a little more careful, as they often contain a variety of grooves that need to be cleaned cleanly to prevent the formation of a favorable medium for bacteria to multiply. Silicone balls must be thoroughly cleaned with water and disinfected with a special sex toy cleaner.

Plastic vaginal balls are an economical option for beginners who just want to "try it out" or need it at all. Their care is the same as silicone.

The benefits of vaginal balls have been proven by many scientists and doctors, women were able to see their positive effects 15 centuries ago, so it is obvious that you should free up some space in your nightstand drawer and buy this magical toy that guarantees health and pleasure from the proposed choice of vaginal balls.

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